Johnny Manziel Wants You To Know That ‘There’s Nothing Wrong With Partying, Bro’

After news broke that Johnny Manziel was living with Super Bowl MVP and former Texas A&M teammate Von Miller, Manziel was caught out late on Saturday night by TMZ, and his behavior was erratic, to say the least.

Manziel took the TMZ camera for a spin and he deflected a question about whether he was worried about “image problems” that come along with him being seen out late on a weekend. In addition to confirming that he was indeed living with Miller, the former Heisman Trophy winner said he would be willing to sign with whatever team that’s willing to take him.

“Anywhere I get picked up bro, is a blessing. Whatever happens..I love ball. I want to play, that’s the team I want to go to.”

You can draw your own conclusions about Manziel’s state at the time of the interview, but just the perception of him being out again at night is going to draw the ire from some due to Manziel’s many former incidents and issues with alcohol.

Miller’s team, the Denver Broncos, was reportedly at least entertaining the idea of bringing Manziel into the organization due to their desperate need to sign a quarterback, but we’ll see if videos like this one give them pause.

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