Johnny Manziel Hung Out With George Bush And Then Put On A Pro Day Display

How many Heisman Trophy-winning quarterbacks and potential No. 1 NFL Draft picks have had a former United States President attend their Pro Days? Better yet, how many QBs have spent their time before their incredibly-hyped Pro Days hanging out with a former president? My guess is not many, but then, I was never a numbers guy. I do know that President George H.W. Bush Tweeted this photo of him trying to squeeze into an autographed Johnny Manziel helmet prior to the former Texas A&M great’s Pro Day today.

And which former prez has jokes? H-Dubya’s got jokes!

As for Johnny Football’s actual Pro Day performance, he was nearly flawless with just two bad passes throughout the 40 minutes that he went through drills. If you watched on ESPN, you may have noticed that Manziel actually wore pads and a helmet for the NFL coaches and GMs in attendance, but if you only went by Nike’s tweets, you’d think that Manziel’s Pro Day was a full game.

That’s right, better start shelling out that cash now for a replica of the jersey that Manziel wore for 40 minutes. God bless your capitalist hearts, Nike. That’s not a knock at all. Half my closet is Nike gear and Taco Bell pajamas. I have a problem.