03.17.08 10 years ago 36 Comments

The immense responsibility that comes with writing a well-trafficked and largely uninformed sports blog has finally gotten the better of me, and I have decided to host an NCAA Tournament pool.  Therefore, I encourage all of you to enter With Leather's Pool of Hard Knocks.  Go HERE to sign up.

  • Group ID #: 119810
  • Password: scarlett

I've discussed this matter with my Fat Penguin overlords, and they confirmed that the winner of the pool will receive… uh… something.  A cool something that will almost probably be decided before the tourney begins.  Furthermore, a certain number of runners-up — possibly zero — will get something else that will also be cool but not as cool as the winner's something.

Is this the most rewarding free tournament ever?  I don't like to jump to conclusions, but yes.  Obviously.

NEW GROUP UPDATE: WL's Pool of Hard Knocks 2 — Group # 132979, password: boner

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