Jon ‘Bones’ Jones Is Back And He’s Deadlifting An Astounding 600 Pounds

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The last we checked on former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones, he was trolling people on Instagram after his suspension stemming from a hit-and-run was lifted.

In preparation for his comeback, Jones has been putting in some serious time in the gym, and he recently put up a picture on social media showing off the transformation his body has taken since he began powerlifting in June.

In addition to that, Jones also posted a video of him powerlifting in which he managed to deadlift a 600-pound rack.

Now, no one will deny that pulling 600 pounds is truly impressive, but Jones’ sudden body transformation and ability to lift ridiculously heavy weights are unsurprisingly creating whispers that Jones is not achieving his new physique in the most natural way. The 28-year-0ld addressed those rumors in the caption to his deadlifting video, and decided to take the high road saying it’s actually a compliment to be accused of using performance-enhancing drugs.

600lb rack pull‼ Pulling it off the ground in two weeks  ‪#‎Mission600‬ @mr_nfp ‪#‎TeamGat‬ ‪#‎GAINS‬ The fact that people are accusing me of doing steroids makes me feel amazing it’s actually a huge compliment to my trainers and I would never in 1 million years.. ‪#‎Hardwork‬ ‪#‎Dedication‬ Send the ‪#‎athleticcommission‬ ‪#‎thuglife‬”

 Jones is expected to have his next fight scheduled sometime in 2016.

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