Jon Bones Jones’ Troll Game Is Strong

05.02.14 4 years ago 5 Comments

Current UFC light heavyweight champion and widely considered one of the greatest mixed martial artists ever, Jon “Bones” Jones is many things. He’s a phenomenal athlete, with an amazing ability to completely wreck other professional fighters. He’s also one of the most fantastic trolls in the history of riling people up.

Take, for example, the continual allegations that Jones is a dirty fighter for keeping his fingers splayed and his arm extended, leading to eye pokes and rakes in nearly all of his fights. A helpful fan compiled some of these incidents into a “highlight reel” of Jones performing these actions against multiple opponents, during which he has been warned one or two times, yet never received a point deduction.

Being a mature, rational adult, Jon Jones decided it was best to address the situation head on. So, he decided to film a video of him mocking the whining fans who are upset over his tendency to gouge the f*ck out eyeballs.

Next up, we have Jones addressing Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell. Liddell, a dominant light heavyweight champion in his own right, stated prior to UFC 172, that he would have defeated Jones during his prime. Additionally, as a training partner of Jones’ challenger, Glover Teixeira, Liddell espoused his confidence in Glover’s ability to win the fight and become the new champion. Fairly standard “I think I am very good and if we ever get time machine technology, think my past self could defeat this really good dude’s current self. Also, this guy I have been training with for years is very good, and I think he’ll beat the aforementioned really good dude” talking points.

Thus, after Jones dismantled Glover for twenty-five minutes (*Cough*partly thanks to those eye pokes*cough*), Jones hits Liddell a shot more devastating than Chuck’s patented overhand right: a classic “u mad bro?”

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