Jon Hamm Pulled An Awesome Real-Life, In-Person Troll Job On The Cubs And Their Fans Last Night

Senior Editor, Sports
10.29.16 12 Comments


Jon Hamm is arguably the most famous St. Louis Cardinals fan in the world. He’s certainly the most visible, on account of being Jon Hamm, the universe’s crush. During Friday night’s World Series game at Wrigley Field, Hamm used his reputation of being Jon Hamm (as well as, I’m sure, no small amount of cashola) to troll the Cardinals’ arch-rivals the Cubs in the most up-close and personal fashion possible.

Wedging himself firmly into the crowd in the good seats, near diehard Cubs fans like Eddie Vedder, Hamm wore a vintage Cardinals hat, which features the logo the Cardinals sported from 1900 to 1919 … the time period during which the Cubs won their last World Series. (The hat also may or may not be a St. Louis Browns logo that Hamm’s team is selling as a vintage Cardinals hat.) (The St. Louis Browns are now the Baltimore Orioles, because the original Baltimore Orioles are now the New York Yankees.) (Baseball is great).

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