Jon Jones And Alexander Gustafsson Beat The Living Hell Out Of Each Other At UFC 165

In case you missed Saturday night’s UFC 165 Pay-Per-View that featured not one but two awesome main event championship fights, I don’t know what to tell you. You can go back and read the results from Saturday night/Sunday morning, but they won’t do the actual fights any justice. Basically, all of the fights that didn’t involve Francis Carmont and Costa Phillipou were exciting, even though I’d argue that was a great fight from a strategic and tactical standpoint.

But all people are talking about is what many of us UFC fans are calling the Fight of the Year in the main event between UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson. Jones won by unanimous decision, which a lot of people think is bogus, and I agree because I thought that Gustafsson at least had the first and third rounds. But controversy aside, as you can see from the above image that Gustafsson posted to his Instagram account yesterday, these guys certainly have a great appreciation for one another.

Now let’s talk a little more about controversy!

The folks at MMA Planet seem to think that the UFC and NSA are neck and neck in controversy as they posted these screen grabs of the alleged round 5 scoring for the Jones/Gustafsson fight.

The reason for any such cheating? Because the UFC is an American company that hires American judges and wants its American champion to keep winning. Whatever, all I know is that if people are complaining and crying outrage and conspiracy, you’re doing something right.

And The Award For Most Unfortunate Twitter Handle Of The Week

We’ve mentioned the other Jon Jones before, but people crying foul after UFC 165 lit @jonjones up big time this weekend.

I think he at least deserves a #FF from the champ.