Here’s Video Of The Jon Jones Alleged Hit-And-Run Accident

06.02.15 3 years ago

More information has surfaced with Jon Jones’ alleged hit-and-run accident in April, and it doesn’t look good. On Monday, the Albuquerque Police Department released the 911 call from the incident, including on-scene footage from the accident scene. The 911 caller describes Jones — the alleged driver of the silver SUV — taking off on foot from the scene.

“The guy just hopped off into a yard. The guy that’s getting out of the SUV, he took off running. He’s running over fences, he’s jumping over fences.”

Jones was stripped of his UFC Championship and was suspended indefinitely following the incident. The rest of the above video contains footage of police searching Jones’ car, during which they eventually realize that the owner is in fact the famous MMA fighter.

[Source: MMA Digest]

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