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For whatever reason, a lot of sports media outlets have been following Barry Bonds around recently.  And during last night's telecast of the Dodgers-Giants game, comely sideline reporter Erin Andrews interviewed BIG HOLLYWOOD STAR Jon Lovitz, probably because celebrities' opinions are more important than regular-people opinions.  And he didn't exactly stick to the ESPN script about Barry Bonds making history.

He remarked that a player had told him 7 years ago that 40 percent of the players were on roids. Lovitz sarcastically wondered if he knew this 7 years ago, how could Bud not know this? He had some choice words for the incompetence/ ignorance of Selig too.

After Lovitz's rant, Andrews ended the interview by plainly saying, "I have no more questions to ask." Berman and Morgan had no real reply either, with [Chris] Berman stammering, "well there is another opinion"

If Jon Lovitz can get those roughnecks in the hood to listen to him, then he can easily clean up baseball's image as its next baseball commissioner.  I mean, it's not like he's busy doing anything else.  Actually, neither is Bud Selig.  They could just trade jobs.  Wait, did I say jobs?  I meant "jobs."  Please note the sarcastiquotes.

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