Allow The ‘Daily Show’ And Its Best F*cking News Team To Demonstrate How Not To Be The Miami Dolphins

Jon Stewart & Co. finally got around to covering the Miami Dolphins bullying fiasco last night, and it was a nice reminder why I prefer to get my news from The Daily Show: concise, comprehensive no bullsh*t takes that cap everything off with a bit where John Oliver desperately attempts to convince Jason Jones that it is not that difficult to avoid using racial slurs or references to sh*tting in mouths when conversing with his coworker Al Madrigal.

Here’s part one where Jon Stewart gives a TDS-style overview of the Dolphins situation that really focuses on an overlooked portion of the story: How the hell is this guy named Richie Incognito?

And here’s the must watch part two that kicks off with the line of the night after Jon Stewart treats everyone to Incognito’s what-the-f*ck-is-happening TMZ video before sending it over to The Best F*cking News Team Ever for a workplace tutorial.

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