Jordan, Barkley Corrupted Tiger Woods

04.01.10 9 years ago 6 Comments

So Vanity Fair is putting out another Tiger Woods piece (haha, putting out) detailing where Tiger Woods supposedly went wrong in his personal life. My money’s on “The Point In Time Where He Realized He Had More Money Than Guam And Could Do Whatever The Hell He Wanted.” Much of the piece discusses Tiger’s insistence to hang out with Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley in Vegas.

The 14-page “The Temptation of Tiger Woods” tells in graphic detail elements of Woods’ affairs with four of his former mistresses and outlines Woods’ destructive behavior, which often started at a blackjack table at the MGM Grand’s VIP casino with Jordan and Barkley.

Robert Merchant said he warned his client years ago about Jordan.

“Stay away from that [expletive], because he doesn’t have anything to offer to the [expletive] world in which he lives except playing basketball,” Woods’ adviser told the magazine. –Orlando Sentinel.

Also, Tiger was cheap and apparently had no remorse for sleeping around. So why is Tiger Woods playing in the Masters next week? He should be running for governor of South Carolina. I can’t imagine Charles Barkley being a bad influence on anyone. He just seems like such a buttoned-down guy.

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