Miami’s 335-Pound Defensive Tackle Gracefully Hurdled A Jets Receiver After An Interception

11.06.16 1 year ago

Meet Jordan Phillips, your new favorite NFL player as long as you’re not a Jets fan. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw an interception right to Phillips during New York’s game against Miami, and Phillips saw some space to his left.

So he took off. My goodness, did he take off. Phillips even showed that despite his size – he’s listed at 6-foot-6, 335-pounds – he’s really graceful with the ball in his hands. Jets receiver Robby Anderson tried to go low on the big man, but Phillips realized this in time and made the decision to hurdle him.

Phillips looked really good going to the air, at least really good for a dude his size. Fitzpatrick made a really terrible decision to throw this ball, and Phillips did a great job making him pay.

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