Watch Jordan Spieth Execute A Flawless ‘Happy Gilmore’ Swing Off The Tee

Jordan Spieth spent the weekend “competing” in the Grapefruit Pro-Am in Florida, and one look at the video above and you’ll see why the word competing is between quotation marks. Spieth has certainly played in more prestigious and important golf events in his lifetime, so he decided to kick back and have some fun without the usual pressure of hitting the links.

That’s pretty great news for all of us, because it meant we got to witness Spieth do his best Happy Gilmore impression off the first tee on Sunday. Imitating the fictional golfer made famous by Adam Sandler, the 22-year-old Spieth took a running start in the tee box, wound up and smashed his ball better than most of us poor folk could do in a set position. As you’d probably imagine, the crowd absolutely loved it.

For comparison:


Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see Spieth go FULL Happy by throwing fists with Bob Barker in the middle of the course, but there’s always next year, I suppose.