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If you walked into a bedroom and saw this, you might here someone blurt out, “This isn’t what it looks like!” And it’s not. It’s actually Scott Jorgensen choking out Chad George in Ohio last week. In 31 seconds. Jorgensen’s near-insta-tap was just another day at the office for the guy that thinks he’s the best MMA fighter at 135 pounds.

“I think I’m right there up at the top,” Jorgensen said at the evening’s post-event press conference. “I beat (Takeya) Mizugaki. I went out there and finished Chad George quick, decisively. I think I’m right up there.” –MMAJunkie.

We . But thanks to the power of GIF magic….instant homoeroticism! Count this as a tribute to the human rights victory in DC. Or don’t. Things always go wrong when we go political over here. GIF from Fightlinker, via @maggiehendricks.

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