Some Rangers Players Were Not Pleased With Jose Bautista’s Epic Bat Flip

In the bottom half of the very bizarre seventh inning during Game 5 of the Rangers-Blue Jays ALDS, Jose Bautista launched a go-ahead, three-run homer that is still ascending to outer space. Bautista’s home run in a very emotionally charged inning inspired him to execute the greatest bat flip in playoff history, as seen above. Most people loved it; Sam Dyson, the Rangers pitcher who gave up the home run to Bautista, was not a fan.

During the postgame interview, Dyson gave some Victorian era quotes about unwritten rules.

Before Dyson gave up the blast, the Rangers defense gave up three-consecutive errors, which has never been done in a playoff game before. If Dyson wants someone to respect the game, he should peek behind him and wave at Elvis Andrus. Furthermore, kids throw their bats in wiffle ball games, because kids know that baseball is a game meant for fun. But Cole Hamels wants players to be stoic professionals after hitting the biggest home run of their life.

It’s tough for Hamels, who pitched well in a huge playoff game, giving up two earned runs and striking out eight over 6 1/3 innings.