Jose Canseco Fights An Old Man

07.14.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

As if the life of Jose Canseco wasn’t pathetic enough already, the former steroid abuser and snitch has stepped into the boxing ring to fight, you guessed it, a guy in his 60’s.

Canseco dropped a four-round decision to Gary Hogan, an assistant athletic trainer from the University of Arkansas-Little Rock (Who? –Ed). Hogan scheduled the exhibition to raise money for a boxing gym. Canseco fought to raise money for himself…He made somewhere between $10,000 to $25,000. This is getting ugly with Jose..I heard he shoves a baseball up his you know what in the new Jackass 3D for a cycle of Winny and some Vicodin-TO –Terez Owens

Jose must be in some pretty serious debt, because that’s humiliation at it’s finest. I’d like to think that Jose was holding back his full might, because the event was for charity, but it’s hard to tell. He’s throwing some pretty soft punches. Or maybe he isn’t, his arms are made of 95% water. I wonder what makes up Jose’s arms. I’m thinking water, stem cells, broken dreams, and a black hole for any dignity within a five mile region.

“A Jose Canseco bat? Tell me you didn’t pay money for this.” (Skip to the 1 min mark). Raphael would do a better job with the Treasury than Tim Geithner.

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