07.15.08 10 years ago 8 Comments

Over the weekend, Jose Canseco's retarded face got knocked out by former NFL kick returner Vai Sikahema in some boxing match somewhere.  Atlantic City, I think.  And if that doesn't tell you what kind of depressing town AC is, then nothing short of a busload of old people disgorging at Harrah's to swarm the slot machines will convince you otherwise.

BlackSportsOnline has a different video (longer version after the jump) where it's Stephen A. Smith talking over the highlights.  So you should probably check that out if you like your ears to bleed while you watch pathetic idiots punch each other in a desperate attempt to cling to their dying fame.  Me, I'd rather see how far I can get this bent paperclip under my fingernail.  The blood loss is worth retaining some of my intellect.

[You Been Blinded

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