Jose Canseco Is A Real Trickster

Fans of celebrity boxing (Read: broke gamblers) were incredibly disappointed Saturday night when they realized that Jose Canseco wasn’t himself when he showed up for his fight at the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida. It was actually his twin brother Ozzie Canseco pretending to be Jose, and the scheme was busted by some fans who noticed the difference in the brothers’ tattoos. This of course begs the question – why the hell do people know what Ozzie Canseco’s tattoos look like?

Celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman expressed his disgust with the entire situation, explaining that he already paid Jose $5,000 up front and Ozzie demanded the other $5,000 in cash when he arrived to fight. Feldman explained that he needed to pay by check, and then someone yelled, “Hey, that’s not Jose Canseco!” resulting in a few thousand monocles shattering on the floor.

Ozzie, who has subbed in for Jose at autograph signings in the past, never fought in his brother’s place Saturday and received a police escort out of the nightclub.

Feldman has said he did not pay Ozzie the arrival fee of $5,000 and also wants the original $5,000 he paid Jose back.

“I’ve worked with him before,” Feldman said. “Except now I’ve got to look back at the pictures at the time and look if I ever really met Jose Canseco.” (Via ESPN)

How did Jose respond to this wicked allegation? He denied it, of course, as seen in the above Tweet. Jose is clearly right, too, because you can’t trust people who don’t fall for terribly thought out plans. Like this one time, when Jose was going through a divorce, he stood next to Ozzie and told the judge, “You see, you can’t expect me to pay because you don’t know which one is really me” and then he picked Ozzie up by the head and switched them back and forth until the judge finally gave up. He’s diabolical, that guy.