Jose Canseco’s Girlfriend Is Going Places

11.15.11 6 years ago 10 Comments

As always, if you’re not following Jose Canseco on Twitter, you are missing out on treat after misspelled treat, including random emotional outbursts, sad claims that he could still produce at the Major League level, and requests for lawyers to help him get his chandeliers back. If you do follow Jose, then you know that this past summer was an emotional rollercoaster for him, as he went through some tough times with his girlfriend and model, Leila Shennib. Here’s a quick recap:

  • The couple broke up in July, prompting Canseco to issue a series of Tweets accusing Shennib of using him for fame, most likely to get her own reality show. He called her a “man eater” as he warned other stars that she might get her claws on. It should also be pointed out that nobody on this planet would watch a show about Canseco’s ex-girlfriends.
  • Leila eventually responded by getting a restraining order against Canseco, prompting him to ask how someone could demand court-mandated distance from someone she claims to love.
  • Why can’t you just love him back, Leila? He’s pouring his heart out to you!
  • And because he can admit that he was wrong, the lovebirds have been reunited. It’s truly a story meant for Hollywood.

Last night, Canseco used his Twitter fame – that has only been boosted by his new job signing autographs at a Las Vegas store 6 days a week – to ask people to vote for Leila to be the next Miss Poker Centerfold, which I believe is a step or two below Miss Universe while slightly above “girl who shows her breasts for free 3 Doors Down tickets.” So go vote for Leila and help this crazy couple’s dreams come true. You know, before they break up again and he ends up in jail.

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