Jose Fernandez’s Autopsy Report Revealed He Ingested Cocaine And Alcohol Before His Fatal Boat Crash

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10.29.16 3 Comments

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The sports world was rocked by the sudden death of Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez last month, as the beloved star was killed in a boating accident. Some details of the accident itself had been released, but the autopsy findings were not made public until Saturday.

The autopsy reports for those involved in the crash, including Fernandez, have now been released.

According to ABC Local 10:

An autopsy report released Saturday states that Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez had taken cocaine and drank alcohol last month shortly before he died in a fatal boat crash.

An autopsy report for Eduardo Rivero states that he too had taken cocaine and consumed alcohol the morning of the crash. Emilio Macias drank alcoholic beverages the day of the crash, but was not under the influence of any illegal drugs, the report said.

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