The Sheriff In Charge Of The Josh Brown Investigation Fired Back At The NFL

10.21.16 1 year ago

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You know all the readily available documents detailing the history of abuse involving Josh Brown and his wife that poured into the world Thursday? The NFL claimed it asked for it, but that pesky sherrif in Kings County, Washington, just wasn’t willing to cooperate.

The NFL would have loved to suspend Brown for more than one game, but hey, law enforcement stonewalled them. Don’t be mad at the NFL — be mad at the police.

Sheriff John Urquhart, just like you and I, had no time for this excuse, so he went on a Seattle radio station to clear the air about the NFL’s investigation into Brown’s arrest and domestic abuse past. From ESPN:

Urquhart went on the defensive and told Seattle radio station KIRO that the investigator never identified himself as being part of the league.

“‘NFL, National Football League,’ he could have (said) any of that,” Urquhart said. “Robert Agnew,, post office box in Woodinville. We had no idea who this yokel is.”

Urquhart said other investigators identified themselves as NFL representatives but they were denied since it was an open investigation. Urquhart said if the league had gone through proper public disclosure channels, the request would have gone straight to him, and he would have been able to help out more.

“I would have said exactly the same thing, ‘We cannot release the case file,'” he said. “But since this is a hot-button item in the NFL, since it’s the NFL, we probably would have told them orally a little bit more about what we had. I don’t like to get pushed around by a bully.”

First of all, shout out to Urquhart for using the term “yokel,” which needs to get back into the lexicon.

Second of all, let’s discuss Colin Kaepernick for a second.

You know how America is mad at Kaepernick for daring to take a knee during a song in an attempt to raise awareness about police officers killing unarmed black people during traffic stops? People will tell you Kaepernick is disrespecting America, “our boys in blue,” the military, etc etc. This was a two-month argument from like half the sports idiots who speak on TV for a living.

Here is part of the league’s statement after all the new Brown information came to light:

“NFL investigators made repeated attempts — both orally and in writing — to obtain any and all evidence and relevant information in this case from the King County Sheriff’s Office. Each of those requests was denied and the Sheriff’s Office declined to provide any of the requested information, which ultimately limited our ability to fully investigate this matter.”

Now that Sheriff Urquhart has explained how the NFL screwed up, where’s the outrage at the league itself for attempting to discredit a law enforcement body? Isn’t the league saying, “These cops are bad at their jobs” way worse than a dude kneeling during a song? Where’s the police department threatening to not work a game over this? Someone at the NFL concocted a PR strategy designed around the idea that the Kings County Sheriff’s Office is incompetent. Where’s the boycott threat, true patriots?

Anyway, the NFL is bad. Watch the Food Network instead.


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