Josh Norman Actually Got Penalized For ‘Shooting A Bow And Arrow’

Associate Editor

Did you know that this isn’t allowed in the NFL? Josh Norman got an interception during Washington’s game against Cleveland on Sunday, and he celebrated by pretending to shoot a bow and arrow. This earned an unsportsmanlike penalty (which is a bit weak but ultimately fine I suppose), but the best part came when the official had no idea what to say after this, so he just said “shooting a bow and arrow.”

Apparently, this has been illegal for some time. According to Mike Pereira, shooting a bow and arrow is analogous to pretending to fire a gun.

You can debate the validity of that comparison all you want, but no matter what, these are the rules and Norman needs to follow them. The bigger surprise is that he’s done this at least two other times this year and this is the first time that he’s been called for a penalty.

Odds are we won’t see Norman do anything like this for the foreseeable future. The other way of looking at this is Norman’s 2-for-3 on doing this and not getting penalized, so maybe we’ll see him try to catch his luck if he gets another interception in the near future.

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