UFC Fighter Josh Samman Dies At 28 After A Week In Coma

10.05.16 1 year ago

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UFC middleweight fighter Josh Samman died today in the hospital at the age of 28, a week after being discovered in a coma. Samman was a former Ultimate Fighter 17 contestant with a 3-2 record in the UFC, and had gained notoriety after opening up about drug abuse and the death of his girlfriend in a gripping memoir entitled The Housekeeper.

Police found Samman unconscious in his apartment last Friday alongside his roommate Troy Kirkingburg, who was pronounced dead at the scene. While toxicology reports are still forthcoming, a coroner told TMZ “it would be hard to suggest anything other than drugs,” given the known facts at the time.

The Samman family released a statement on Monday, with his mother stating “In spite of speculation, there was no heroin found in Josh’s system whatsoever. No matter what people are posting on social media. The reason I am making this statement is, because Josh touched so many lives, and loved inspiring others, especially young people. I don’t want them to lose faith in him, and whatever he brought out in them, because of the lies. He would want them to ‘never give up.'”

Unless something turns up in the toxicology report of his friend, the cause of Samman’s death may never be determined. According to the medical examiner for the case, no toxicology could be performed on Samman while he was alive and “there are no suitable specimens to test” since his passing.

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