A One-Armed Man Won His MMA Debut With An Armbar (No, Seriously)

Pro Wrestling Editor
10.29.13 3 Comments

joshua rector

This is Joshua Rector, an MMA fighter for the oddly-capitalized BlacKOut Fighting Championships, a man described as “a soldier, a hard worker, and a beast on the ground.” As you can see in the picture, he’s missing his left hand and almost his entire left forearm.

If you’re wondering how this handicap might affect him in the cage, watch in amazement as he takes his first fight via submission … with an armbar. You know, because sometimes life is perfect and poetic.

I don’t want to take anything away from the inspirational fighting ability of Rector (or his cool action hero name), but man, how bad is Brandon Collins? He’s now a career 0-2, losing one of those fights via armbar to a dude with one arm, and the BlacKOut folks couldn’t even type his name properly. BRANOON COLLINS. Poor guy. Good luck in your third fight, Branoon.

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