A Shirtless J.R. Smith Tee Will Be This Summer’s Hottest Fashion Trend

It’s hot, the sun’s out, and your office has casual Fridays. If you were J.R. Smith, you wouldn’t even have to wear a shirt at all to work. But since you’re most likely not, this T-shirt will have to be the next best thing.

Doesn’t look like Fresh Brewed Tees is actually planning on selling this (due to, you know, J.R. Smith being the actual owner of this design by virtue of being alive). But if they do, they’ll probably need to pay some royalties to Darren Rovell of all people:

But hey, click on that tweet above and give a little RT love. Who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to win a free one, so you can spend your summer just like J.R. – standing on cars shirtless, walking off planes shirtless, and generally having an amazing time.

He had the best day ever during the Cavs’ championship parade, and we followed along with every moment of it. For Smith, he certainly deserved it. His team won a title, he didn’t get kicked off the team (much to his daughter’s surprise), and he had an emotional press conference following Game 7. He shouldn’t have to wear a shirt ever again.