JTG Gets The 70s Folk Rock Tribute He Deserves In ‘The Day The Wrestling Died’

A tearful, standing ovation.

I can say with full honesty that I’ve never heard a funnier, more touching Don McLean parody tribute song to a released WWE performer. If you recall last week’s fire sale, one of the major releases was JTG, a wrestler who’d been with the company so pointlessly long that his employment became a running gag … a measuring stick for the absurdity of WWE’s hiring and firing practices. The working theory is that they’d forgotten he existed, then fired him when people reacted to the announced releases with HOW COULD YOU FIRE [insert wrestler here] AND STILL EMPLOY JTG.

My favorite parts are …

“Well I know Rusev must be pissed off/you’re the only black wrestler he hasn’t squashed/but man don’t have no fear/he’ll be joining you this time next year.”

… and, of course …

“The three men I admired most/Heath Slater, Mahal and McIn … toast”

Five stars. If that’s not enough JTG tribute song for you, follow up ‘The Day The Wrestling Died’ with this: