An Insane Brawl Broke Out After A Boxer Threw Hands With His Downed Opponent’s Cornerman

10.30.16 1 year ago

Juanma Lopez and Wilfredo Vazquez had a rivalry set to boil over as they stepped into the ring Saturday night in Puerto Rico, but no one could’ve seen this coming. The former champions have been on the painful end of some truly horrendous knockouts in recent years, and both promised they’d return to form amidst piles of trash talk as they make their ways towards the end of their careers. Sadly, their careers could be ended by some truly poor decisions in the ring.

After Juanma TKOd Vazquez in the 11th round, his celebration included taunting Vazquez’s trainer, then strutted over to him ant threw down. Here’s the moment Juanma decided to walk over to Vazquez’s trainer, as garbage rained down in the ring.

Here’s another angle from the stands. This is unbelievable.

This fight went down under the gaze of the WBO, so who knows what will come of this. Juanma is 33-years-old and has been knocked out incredibly violently five times. If he receives a suspension of a year or longer, is this the end of his career? And what other legal implications could come from this mess?

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