Julie Bowen Makes Jeremy Lin Greater

Despite my undying rage over the Emmy Awards’ annual snubbery of Nick Offerman’s Ron Swanson on Parks and Rec, I can at least deal with Ty Burrell winning for his portrayal of Modern Family’s bumbling dad, Phil Dunphy. For starters, Dunphy’s character is a lot funnier if you’re a zombie movie nut like me and you remember his hilarious performance in Dawn of the Dead (NSFW language and unfortunately not the doggy style scene), but he’s most affable as the guy who gets to pretend he’s married to Julie Bowen (above).

Enshrined in the With Leather Sports Movie Crush Hall of Fame – doesn’t exist, probably should, check back later this week – as Happy Gilmore’s girlfriend Virginia Venit, Bowen is also apparently quite the New York Knicks fan, and thus she has been coping with a nasty outbreak of Linsanity. Burrell helped cure that recently when he gave his TV wife an autographed game-worn Lin jersey for her birthday, and Bowen Tweeted her joy over such a wonderful present while looking like a sexy librarian on PCP.

Way to raise the bar for us lazy men, Ty. Also, tell Sara Hyland I said hi.

(Banner via Rena Schild/