Julio Jones Just Put Luke Kuechly On A Poster With This Amazing 70-Yard TD

Sometimes you think that posterizing can only be done in the NBA, but then Julio Jones out-leaps two Carolina defenders to snag a ball with his bare hands and then walk in the end zone and you think “yeah, I’d hang that poster on my wall.” The grab came with Matt Ryan scrambling to keep the play alive and the Falcons giving the Panthers all they can handle in an NFC South divisional match-up.

To be fair to Kuechly, it is pretty impressive to see a linebacker hang with a receiver of Jones’ caliber 50 yards downfield, but Jones is going to win that jump ball every single time.

Jones is on his way to a huge day, with this touchdown catch taking the wide receiver over 150 yards on the afternoon so far.

The Panthers, of course, are looking to become only the third team in NFL history to go undefeated in the regular season and Cam Newton is doing everything he can to make that happen.

It sounds crazy now, especially after seeing them struggle through a six-game losing streak this season, but this Atlanta Falcons team was supposed to be a playoff team this year so they’ve got the talent to hang with the NFL’s best. Catches like this one are a good way to remind yourself of that.