Julio Jones Made The Packers’ Secondary Look Silly Multiple Times On This Touchdown

Julio Jones is a monster. The Green Bay Packers’ secondary learned that the hard way on Sunday afternoon when Jones went for this 73-yard touchdown to give the Falcons a 31-0 lead in the NFC Championship Game.

Jones caught an intermediate pass from Matt Ryan early in the third quarter to give the Falcons a first down. For Jones, though, that wasn’t good enough, so he turned on the jets and made his way towards the end zone. Watching Jones in the open field is always a treat, and this was no exception, as he looked so smooth as he streaked down the sideline for six points.

There were three moments where the Packers had a chance to slow down Jones, but he managed to fight through all of them. The first came before the throw, when Jones got held but blew through the defender like it was nothing. Moments two and three came after the catch – one Packers defender has the chance to wrap Jones up but couldn’t get the job done, the other came shortly after, when Jones demolished another defender with a brutal stiff arm.

After this catch, Jones had seven receptions, 144 yards, and a pair of touchdowns through just over 32 minutes of game time.