This Junior College Game Got Called Before Halftime Because Of A Gigantic Brawl

Associate Editor
10.23.15 4 Comments

Seeing fights at sporting events is nothing new. Seeing fights at sporting events that lead to the game getting called before halftime because both teams are too violent is, well, certainly not as common.

East Mississippi Community College, the No. 3 junior college team in the country, and Mississippi Delta Community College squared off on Thursday night. EMCC was busy opening up a can of you-kn0w-what on MDCC – the score was 48-0 with 59 seconds remaining in the first half – when a huge brawl broke out between the two teams. It was all-out mayhem. People were reportedly throwing trash cans, law enforcement officers needed to come out onto the field and, at the end of it all, the game was called before it even reached the half.

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