Miley Cyrus Makes Her Junior Hockey Line Brawl & Goalie Fight Debut

The YouTube description for this video only gives you the basics:

Minnesota Wilderness and Thunder Bay North Stars square off.

Those team names are adorable. They’re like somebody made an SNES NHL game and couldn’t get the licensing rights to the teams, so they came up with ersatz clubs like the “Thunder Bay North Stars.”

Anyway, what the YouTube description leaves out are the wonderful details … the goalie’s existential reaction, the inevitable goalie fight (goalie fights are always the best) and the fact that midway through, for no possible reason, ‘Party In The USA’ by Miley Cyrus starts playing. Nothing says “SIJHL line brawl” quite the ballad of a girl being judged by her shoes!

If pro hockey wants to eliminate fighting, they should just stock up on Now That’s What I Call Music CDs and blare them whenever punches are thrown. I know I’d never want to start a fight if I knew ‘Tonight (I’m F**kin’ You)’ by Enrique Iglesias was gonna kick in and make me look like a creep.

[h/t to Puck Daddy]