Things Didn’t Go So Well For This Hockey Player Who Decided To Fight A Ref

02.25.16 2 years ago 4 Comments

Playoff hockey creates one of the more intense atmospheres in sports. Tempers flare easily as the competition rises because the smallest call can be the difference between championship glory or failure. However, one Canadian Junior hockey player took things a bit too far when he began a physical altercation with a ref during a playoff game last Sunday.

Olivier Marcotte, 21, put his hands on a referee after allegedly spitting in his face. Marcotte and the referee tussled for a bit before the other refs broke up the altercation. Local police officers arrested Marcotte on the ice, because hitting a referee is frowned upon in all sports, although there will be no charges brought against him.

The call that made Marcotte mad enough to spit at an official could not have been very important. His team lost 9-3 in the elimination game.

(CBC; Bleacher Report)

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