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I used to think Junior Seau was pretty awesome. He was always such a huge figure in San Diego when I spent my weekends there. Then he retired, then unretired, then left San Diego, and I thought he was kind of annoying. But today, I've come full circle. Junior Seau rules.

Two women are suing NFL star Junior Seau, claiming that the future Hall of Famer drunkenly called them "female-specific profanities" and tossed drinks on them during a bar confrontation last year…  a footnote in the document [quotes] what Seau reportedly said to the Roes. "Put your shirt on, your tits are too small!" he allegedly counseled Jane Roe #1. Jane Roe #2 allegedly received this fitness advice: "Get on a treadmill you cunt!"

Believe it or not, I would never say anything like this. It's just disrespectful (I mean, who tells a woman to put a shirt on?).

But I think it's great that confident men like Seau can tell women what he really thinks. Too many girls these days don't have body issues.

(Pictured: Kristin Cavallari, with friend. Put a shirt on! Your tits are too small!)

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