This Just In: Biting One Of Your Players On The Face Will Cost You A Coaching Job

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11.19.13 4 Comments

Face biting coach

File this one under “Live and learn,” but a Mississippi high school girls’ basketball coach is looking into a late-in-life career change after he reportedly bit one of his players on the face while the team was in a huddle. Coach Doyle Wolverton’s career at the Leake Academy spanned 38 years and his impressive coaching tenure including more than 1,200 wins, but when you just up and a bite a girl on the cheek for no good reason, you’re kind of asking to be dismissed, even if her family isn’t pressing charges.

According to NBC 11 in Atlanta, the rest of the details about this bizarre incident – including why a grown man bit a teenage girl on the face – are still unknown, but that didn’t stop the news team at 11 Alive from going the extra yard and offering some reactions to Wolverton’s demise.

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