Just Like The Angry Birds Soccer Video, Only Angrier And With Fewer Birds

Pro Wrestling Editor

Yesterday, we shared with you a viral video of two soccer players recreating ‘Angry Birds’ in real life, and today we have the follow-up; watch as Jose Aldo and Kenny Florian recreate ‘UFC Undisputed 3’ with soccer balls.

By way of our friends at Cage Potato comes this video, posted yesterday on the UFC’s YouTube channel, features the UFC 136 opponents going at it in the octagon in a soccer-juggling contest that combines the best of hackey-sack with the best of international personalities doing things we don’t understand. I feel like this would’ve been improved by a remixed soundtrack or by having Jose Aldo put a Hulk Hogan Wrestling Buddy on the corner of the cage and kick it off (or by not letting people hold the cage in round three … what’s up with that?).

If this doesn’t get you excited for Saturday’s pay-per-view event, nothing well. Uh, except fighting, I guess.

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