Just The Thing That Boxing Needed: Snooki

12.28.11 6 years ago 9 Comments

If the heads of the World Boxing Council, Federation and Association were looking for something that could recapture the public’s fascination and fanfare of their corrupt sport, I’m not sure this latest bit of boxing news is going to do the trick. As if it wasn’t bad enough that Floyd Mayweather was sent to jail for beating his girlfriend, thus delaying his fight with Manny Pacquiao that will never happen, the boxing world now has a promoter that rivals Don King for terrible hair… Snooki.

Team Snooki Boxing is made up of the three Irish Hyland brothers – Patrick ‘Pajo’, Eddie and Paul. Each has a long list of accomplishments and Irish championships under their belt. “We are incredibly excited to introduce The Hyland Brothers and Team Snooki Boxing,” the VP of Final Round Promotions, Mike Pascale, said. “We’ve seen what these boys can do, and expect nothing less than continued success and ‘living up to the hype’ for each of them here in the States.”

(Via the Examiner)

The brothers will fight for the first time ever on the same card in the U.S. when they take part in the “Irish Invasion” event on January 28 at the Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City. “That’s awesome,” responded the elderly people who still go to Atlantic City.

Even though this seems like it’s the straight-to-DVD sequel of The Great White Hype – one of the most underrated sports movies of all-time – I’m willing to give this new promotion the benefit of the doubt. After all, for being one of the most exploited gimmick characters in TV history, Snooki has somehow created quite the empire for herself, with a best-selling book and even her own fragrance.

Above all else, Snooki being involved with boxing gives us yet another reason to post the greatest GIF in the history of the Internet.

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