Just What Soccer Needed: Spooky Ghosts

There are a lot of dangerous things about the soccer world. Graphic violence, attempted murder, SUCCESSFUL murder, simulated stadium fires, ACTUAL stadium fires … what’s next, ghosts?

Via YouTube:

Some paranormal activity was recorded in last week’s Copa Libertadores game between Bolivia’s The Strongest and Uruguay’s Defensor Sporting.

In the 90th minute, a mysterious black figure appeared in the stands, and began running at supersonic speed, through people.

The figure then disappears from sight, as quickly as it suddenly appeared.

Probably a logical explanation, but the footage below is from FOX Sport’s live coverage, which rules out any later doctoring; while Bolivian and Uruguayan Twitter lit up with ghost sightings as soon as spotted.

Ghosts. Soccer games are being haunted by spooky ghosts. I swear, if I’m still writing about soccer in two years it’s gonna be about how a werewolf and a Frankenstein teamed up to kill a referee in Paraguay or wherever by running over him in a tank.

Check out the video and float your theories in the comments section below. My working theory is that a bizarre combination of light and happenstance caused a shadow to propel itself up onto the seats and across the crowd, even if it didn’t look like it was behaving like normal shadows. That, or possibly mutants. I’m not against the mutants theory.