Justin Bieber and Michael Buble Are NHL Stars

Justin Bieber is currently in Toronto to record a TV special for Christmas, and he spent yesterday giving back to his fellow hosers by handing out food at the Daily Bread Food Bank before he made one child’s dream come true. Bieber and a child from the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada were welcomed by the Toronto Maple Leafs for yesterday’s practice and the Biebs put on a little display of his figure skating mad hockey skillz.
Despite having a reputation for being a spoiled brat, it’s pretty cool that Biebs took the time to make a terminally ill child a little happier, so for today I will go easy on the 17-year old pop star.
*folds up drawings of Bieber falling into a volcano, slides them under pillow*
Meanwhile, the Vancouver Canucks had Canada’s third national treasure* Michael Buble at their practice on Tuesday, but he wasn’t doing anything for charity so he’s not the lede. Buble called the chance to take a shot against Roberto Luongo the greatest day of his life, but unfortunately his shot missed. So he went outside, took a dump on the hood of a cop car and threw a trash can through the window of a Forever 21.

*The second national treasure is, of course, Dave Coulier.