Justin Bieber Can Probably Kick Your Ass

05.28.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

No idea which MLB team that hat is for, but I think it's the Reds.

Ever since Mike Tyson started his one-man show in Las Vegas, he ‘s become Mr. Name Dropper on Twitter with all of the new celebrity and Vegas “celebrity” friends that he’s made. In fact, his Instragram looks like the Who’s Who of “Who? Oh, that guy… meh”. But that all changed last week when Tyson was visited by some first class royalty, as the King-in-Waiting of Pop Music and dick-drawer extraordinaire Justin Bieber swung by his crib to take in a brief boxing lesson (video after the jump).

For starters, it’s nice to see that the Biebz is now hanging out with the Vegas crowd, because that always ends well, but I imagine this encounter went a little more like this:

Bieber (watching The Hangover with his enablers): “I want to do that! Let’s do that!”

Enabler: “What’s that, you want to go to Vegas?”

Bieber: “No, I want to steal Mike Tyson’s tiger. Let’s do that.”

Enabler: “But it’s an incredibly vicious animal!”

Bieber: *slaps him, throws money in the air*

Enabler: “I’ll pull the Lambo around.”

Bieber: “Selena, I’m going to Vegas. I’ll be back later and we’ll have a lot of sex.”

Selena Gomez: *reading 50 Shades of Grey* “Sure.”

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