Justin Bieber: Golf Boy

Like everywhere else on the Internet, we end up talking about Justin Bieber way more than we should. Our job is to 1) cover what happens in the world of sports, and 2) bring as many people from the Internet to our site as possible. Unfortunately for us, Justin Bieber is what millions of people online love and he won’t stop injecting himself into professional sports. He’s rented out the Staples Center to show his girlfriend a movie, he’s defeated NBA players in a game of basketball, been loved by Erin Andrews, been a Bowling Hall Of Fame nominee and been covered by Cam Newton.

Now, he’s golfing with “Golf Boy” Bubba Watson, for whatever reason, and he’s doing it exactly like you think he would: at five feet tall in a hot pink polo shirt. But hey, his swing isn’t bad. Courtesy of @bubbawatson, by way of Sportress Of Blogitude:

What did Bubba think of the swing?

If only there was a way to know what Justin had to say about that.

Tomorrow, Justin Bieber becomes the new starting QB for the Colts.