Theory: Justin Bieber Is Using Chris Paul’s Son To Pick Up Girls At Clippers Games

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12.31.12 7 Comments

"And that girl, and that girl, and that girl, and that girl and her mom, and that girl..."

Last time we checked in on Chris Paul’s adorable young son, he was giving us a good laugh at his dad’s expense, as CP3 asked him, “Who dunks?” to which he replied, “Blake!” The question, of course, came after the elder Paul threw down an impressive two-handed Phi Slamma Jamma against the New Orleans Hornets, and dunking isn’t usually his deal. But thanks to that cute little response, CP3’s kid became a star, and that means that Justin Bieber is ready to give him a true lesson in swag.

At last Thursday’s complete drubbing of the Boston Celtics, ever the convenient Los Angeles sports fan, Bieber took young Paul under his wing and did things like “take him to the concession stand”, which has quotes around it because you know he was parading this little dude in front of every girl at that game. And we already know all too well that Bieber doesn’t give a crap about what happens at NBA games, so I rest my case.

Of course, you may be asking where Selena Gomez was during all of this. She was waiting for me.

Wait, she’s 18, right?

(Bieber images via USA Today and National Post Sports, respectively.)

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