The Internet Loved Justin Bieber’s Bizarre Yet Insightful Rant About Sports Fandom

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Justin Bieber is one of those celebrities whose sports fandom seems…fluid. Bieber is someone who will show up courtside at a basketball game wearing one team’s jersey, then a week later, he’s doing the same thing for another team. It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a fair weather fan, but Biebs definitely likes to go to various sporting events and have a blast.

Still, it’s easy to watch Bieber hop from one sports fandom to another and wonder what he’s doing. As it turns out, all of us are playing checkers while Justin is playing chess. He took to Twitter to explain why he’s frequently seen cheering for a bunch of different teams, and thus ushered in a new age in fandom.

Gone are the days where people cheer for teams due to things like geographic proximity to their hometown or because their dad liked them. Thanks to Bieber, we now live in the “cheer for sports because they are good as heck” era.

In fairness to Bieber, he did say that he is loyal to one team – the Toronto Maple Leafs. But other than that, he just wants to have a good time.

Finally, in a moment of sheer honesty, Bieber admitted something that’s actually kind of cool. He admitted that he isn’t an expert, so he just, you know, watches sports and is entertained.

In an era where sports fans are trying to seem like experts above everything else, this is kind of refreshing, honestly. But still, because there is a @Dril tweet for everything, these tweets do kind of remind me of this.

Additionally, there were plenty of folks online who made jokes at Bieber’s expense after this little rant.