Justin Bieber Touched The Stanley Cup But Is He The Worst Celebrity To Ever Do So?

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07.10.13 16 Comments

Biebr Stanley Cup

Pop sensation Justin Bieber got to do what most NHL fans will never do in their lifetimes recently, when he posed for a picture with Lord Stanley’s Cup in the locker room of the NHL Champion Chicago Blackhawks. With a customized Bieber Blackhawks jersey hanging in the background – undoubtedly now in a closet next to his Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers SWAGGY gear – the Biebs laid one hand on the Cup while telling the world how many times he’d piss in a nightclub mop bucket before shouting, “F*ck Bill Clinton!” within the next 24 hours.

Obviously, a lot of Blackhawks fans, and hockey and sports fans in general, were furious that this little douche goblin got to lay his hand on arguably the greatest trophy in sports, and I get that hate and rage, because I wish that, at that specific time, the Cup was made of lava. But it wasn’t and we move on and simply try to convince ourselves that the Stanley Cup is spending the next 72 hours in a bath tub filled with bleach.

Also, this isn’t the first time that Bieber has touched the trophy, and, in this handsome blogger’s opinion, he’s hardly the worst celebrity to do so.


Never forget. Do you think Lindsay Lohan even knew what that was? I bet she pulled a red Solo cup out of her purse and tried to scoop a drink out the Cup, but when she realized it was empty, she whined, “This party sucks, let’s go break into a pharmacy.”

Also, Jeremy Piven and Kid Rock were a not-so-distant second.

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