The K-1 World Grand Prix Was Full Of Crazy Knockouts And Pokemon

The K-1 World GP Japan 2017 Lightweight Championship Tournament went down last night in Tokyo’s Yoyogi National Stadium, and it was full of exciting fights, crazy knockouts, and several uniquely Japanese moments. The main tournament featured eight kickboxers battling it through three fights in one night, an impressive feat even before you consider K-1 has 10 counts that require you to knock your opponents senseless multiple times to win.

That didn’t stop the tournament from featuring lots of highlight reel finishes which most North Americans will never get to see because we’re sleeping on kickboxing like utter fools. Let’s get to some of those highlights, which include more shots of the very cuddly looking K-1 Pokemon creature, below.

An absolute beast of a knockout: Rukiya KOs Hiroshi Mizumachi with a jumping switch kick:

Masaaki Noiri tenderizes Younes Smaili with knees, kicks, and punches to the head:

Katsuya Jinbo assaults Taketo with endless punches before putting him down with body shots:

The K-1 Pokemon!

And we have no idea what this is about:

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Full results:

Lightweight Tournament Quarterfinal:
Cristian Spetcu defeats Toshiki Taniyama by unanimous decision
Wei Rui defeats Daizo Sasaki by knockout (punch) in round 2
Gonnapar Weerasakreck defeats Koya Urabe by unanimous decision
Ren Hiramoto defeats Brice Delval by majority decision

Lightweight Tournament Semifinal:
Wei Rui defeats Cristian Spetcu by unanimous decision
Ren Hiramoto defeats Gonnapar Weerasakreck by knockout (punches) in round 1

Lightweight Tournament Final:
Wei Rui defeats Ren Hiramoto by split decision

Taiga defeats Hirotaka Urabe by unanimous decision (super featherweight title fight)
Hinata Watanabe defeats Shintaro Matsukura by unanimous decision
Masaaki Noiri defeats Younes Smaili by unanimous decision
Ibrahim El Bouni defeats Makoto Uehara by knockout (left hook) in round 2
Rukiya defeats Hiroshi Mizumachi by knockout (jumping switch roundhouse kick) in round 2
Katsuya Jinbo defeats Taketo by knockout (body punch) in round 1
Kensei Kondo vs. Atsuto Matsumoto ends in draw
Hiroto Ishizuka defeats Yuta Kuwata by unanimous decision