Kacy Catanzaro Blazed The Trail On ‘American Ninja Warrior,’ But Has She Been Left Behind?

07.12.16 2 years ago
jessie graff kacy catanzaro


Kacy Catanzaro is the undisputed star of American Ninja Warrior. Her magical run in the 2014 Dallas City Finals rewrote what was possible for women on the course. ANW‘s policy of subjecting men and women to the same course is quietly revolutionary — there are no excuses or limits for women on the show — but it also threw in stark relief the physical limitations of female competitors who are on average smaller and leaner than their male counterparts.

In order to progress past the first round of qualifiers, every competitor generally needs to scale the Warped Wall, essentially a 14-foot (with an added six inches this year) quarterpipe. Few women had even gotten far enough to attempt it, and none had ever done it for the first five and a half seasons, until… Well, if you’re reading this you know what happened:

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