Kam Chancellor’s ‘Iguana Skin’ Looks Like Something From ‘The Walking Dead’

No amount of lotion, baby oil or crazy concoction from the Home Shopping Network can prepare your skin for a football game in which temperatures hit below zero. Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor learned that the hard way following that divisional playoff game in Minnesota where the wind chill reached as low as -21 degrees. Three weeks later, his hands are still recovering. He even shared this gnarly video on Instagram to prove it.


cold football facts… #iguannaskin #eww? #Wildcardgame #Commitment #hardworkinghands

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Contrary to what Kam says in the video, that’s not frostbite. It’s just very, very dry skin that hasn’t been taken care of properly. Speaking of, he should probably see someone about that, maybe a medical professional, perhaps even a dermatologist. Anyone with a medical license, really.

Also, his one finger looks broken, or just crooked, or has some weird bone growth on it. He should probably get that checked out, too. In fact, Kam, just got a full body physical and save yourself some time.