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The Chicago Blackhawk and his cousin that punched out a cab driver and stole back the fare they had just paid him were arrested earlier this morning. Which is amazing, because when obscure people in sports punch out cab drivers, they always get away with it. Patrick Kane’s mother was reached for comment, and I’ll just drop that in here like it’s hot:

“I was in Chicago and I’m just on my way home now,” Kane’s mother, Madonna, told the Chicago Sun-Times when reached by phone this afternoon. “So I really don’t have anything to report at this time because I don’t have the whole details yet. I want to know what’s going on before I say anything (else).” via.

Word is that Kane gave $15 to the cabbie for a fare of $13.80 and asked for change. The driver, who was 62 years old, told them that he didn’t have any change for them. So they beat him up. In other words, they handled it like any other scuffle in the NHL. I had the same problem in Amsterdam once with a 17-year-old prostitute, and after a few uppercuts to the chin, you better believe I gave her all the change she wanted. img.

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