Kangaroo MMA, For Anyone Who Wants To See A Kangaroo Win A Fight With A Rear Naked Choke

When you woke up this morning, did you think you’d get to watch an MMA bout between two kangaroos that ends with one kangaroo choking out the other? If you answered “yes,” you are my new hero, but you’re also probably lying.

But yeah, kangaroo MMA joins hillbilly living room MMA, drunken soccer MMA and Braveheart MMA on my shortlist of favorite fringe combat sports. The fight went down a couple of years ago in South West Rocks, NSW Australia, and yes, you should probably be deeply afraid that kangaroo fighting styles are evolving beyond boxing.

Jump to the 4:00 mark for the big finishing sequence.

New bucket list fight: the guy on YouTube who raps about how BJJ is gay versus a BJJ kangaroo.

And for the record, “Kangaroo Chokes Kangaroo whilst going the distance.wmv” is my new favorite YouTube video title.

[h/t to Cage Potato]