Kansas Beat Texas Tech After Getting A Field Goal Blocked And Recovering A Lateral By The Red Raiders

Les Miles was revered for his team’s ability to find some incredibly weird ways to win football games. But even the Mad Hatter probably has no idea exactly how his Kansas Jayhawks gutted out a win against the Texas Tech Raid Raiders thanks to one of the more unfathomable mistakes you’ll ever see.

Kanas came out on top, 37-34. It managed to do this behind 17 fourth quarter points, pulling off a comeback at home against a conference team, which hasn’t exactly happened all that frequently in Lawrence lately. What helped matters was the sequence at the end of the game, which involved a missed field goal that led to a much closer field goal for the Jayhawks.

Liam Jones tried up for a 40-yard try with the game tied at 34, but Texas Tech’s Nick McCann was able to bolt past Kansas’ line and block the kick. It was scooped up by Douglas Coleman of the Red Raiders, who advanced the ball a few yards. Unfortunately for him, a group of defenders were right there to tackle him, which would lead to knees and overti … OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING.

Coleman thought he had a teammate behind him and started to play the pitch game. Instead, nobody was home, so he tossed the ball backward and it hit the deck. Kevin Felder eventually landed on it, but the issue for the Red Raiders was he played for Kansas. This also advanced the ball a few yards up the field, which meant that Jones got a closer kick to try and win the game. Because college football can be really, really cruel, he drilled his 32-yard attempt.

It’s an absolutely brutal turn of events for Texas Tech, but in a more positive note, this marks the first Big 12 win for the Jayhawks under Miles, and with it being their third win of the year, they’ve tied what has been the most wins they’ve recorded in a season this decade. While it’s hard to see them getting a fourth win this year, it was also hard to see them winning a game this way, so I suppose anything is possible.